Providing Quality Roof Replacement in Oxnard, CA Since 1999

Luis Handyman & Roofing isn’t new in dealing with many roofing issues. It has proven its competitiveness in the industry since 1999, and it’ll continue to do so in the future. We love to show you our recent and old works in Oxnard, CA so call if you got time. Feel free to use them as our past flat roof installation and other works for reference. If you want better answers for your project, we’re always here to lend you a helping hand. Allow us to showcase our talent by leaving an attractive roof that lasts on your precious building.

Roofing Contractor


Our team specializes in all roof-related tasks. We do roof replacement, re-roofing, roof panel installation, and roof repair. We’re proud to say that we’re very well-versed in different types of roofing material. We know which suppliers and types are perfect for your location. We got interesting designs that may be perfect for your home or building too. Our ability to catch up with trends and current standards might be because our roofers receive regular training. We nurture their talents and skills by giving them timely knowledge through seminars and refresher courses.


Aside from the one already mentioned above, another notable quality of our company is our meticulous process. From the preparation to the execution phase, we made sure not to turn a blind eye to any subtle issue. We always cooperate with clients, making sure that their needs have been taken good care of and they have been able to receive a good output based on what has been promised. Our flat roof installation and other solutions are very affordable so you’ll surely never regret it contacting us. Invest in quality experience and quality assets.

Are you looking for a reliable roof replacement service in Oxnard, CA? Call Luis Handyman & Roofing today at (805) 987-1007.

Services List

  • Roof Repair
  • Flat Roofs
  • Asphalt Roofing
  • Solar Panels
  • Emergency Roof Repair 24/7