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A roofing contractor is the expert one hires to be stress-free about their new roofs, as they can use the right tools and expertise for the job at hand. At Luis Handyman & Roofing, we have made sure that our new project is executed with flawless precision and without any deviation from what is necessary while continuing to be cost-effective. We have made sure that we address any and all concerns of our customers and, on this page, have done our best to answer some of the most pressing questions that we often get asked. If, however, you didn’t find precisely what you were looking for on this page and need more insights, simply reach out to us, and we will be happy to help. Our customer service is second to none across the greater Oxnard, CA area.

When should one opt for replacing their roof?

If you are facing structural issues or have a roof that’s prone to suffering from leaks, it might be time for a replacement. Another prominent factor would be if you are seeing visible signs of deterioration. These can be a telltale signal that a roof replacement is essential to prolong the longevity of the entire structure as a whole.

What are the perks of flat roofs?

Flat roofs are often seen in commercial structures. They’re known for their ease of installation and accessibility and offer a great surface for the setup of solar panels. Flat roofs are better left to highly skilled experts to deal with, as installing and repairing them requires proper planning and the implementation of time-tested procedures. We have unmatched flat roof installation offers.

What is asphalt roofing?

Roofing that is done using easy-to-maintain, replace, and repair asphalt shingles, is usually preferred by many people across the country. It has picked up popularity due to its cost-effective prices and reliability. Asphalt shingles installation is better left to the professionals.

How to ensure proper roof repairs?

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on new roof layouts and, instead, are looking for a great source for superior-grade fixes, hiring professionals is the right approach. They can make sure that the final results are to the standards that you desire without any cause for concern.

How expensive is new roofing?

The costs that are affiliated with new roofs are entirely dependent on the scale, size, and complications involved in the project. Talk to our professionals about your roof layout and material preferences. We’ll do our best to help you find affordable options that fit within your budget.

We hope that based on the information you got on this page, you are now more than confident about hiring Luis Handyman & Roofing when it comes to all things roofing. If you need more details, then simply reach out to us at (805) 987-1007. We are here to serve our customers to the best of our abilities across Oxnard, CA. We also make sure that we never fail to impress our customers with our work ethic and dedication. Apart from asphalt shingle repair, we also deal with general roofing requirements.

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