Signs It’s Time for a Roof Replacement

What Your Roof Is Telling You

Over the years, your roof will start to show signs of wear and tear. Before too long, these signs will start to show up more and more frequently. In some cases, they’ll become more obvious than others. When it comes to your roof, you should always be on the lookout for these signs and take them seriously. Here are some of the signs that it’s time for a roof replacement:

Damaged Shingles

Your roof’s shingles are what cover up your home’s roof. If they’re in bad shape, they can be dangerous. Meaning they can be hazardous to your health in the event of a storm or other natural disaster. This is why you should replace them when needed.

Damaged Gutters

If the roof is damaged, the gutters will most likely be exposed. This can be a problem, especially in the winter. When the gutters are damaged, it can allow snow and ice to build up on the roof, which can create a dangerous situation for your home. This is why you should replace both your gutters and roof when needed.

Damaged Chimneys

If the roof is damaged, it can create a dangerous situation for your home’s chimneys. This is why you should have the roof and chimney replaced when needed. This will protect both your home and your belongings from damage.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is a protective piece of molding that is installed beneath the shingles. It ensures that water can’t seep beneath the shingles and get into the roof’s valleys. If you see any shingle damage, you should also look for any missing or damaged flashing. If you find any of these signs, then your roof is probably too old, and it’s high time to invest in a roof replacement.

If you have any of these signs in your home, make sure to have them replaced right away. A professional roofing replacement contractor like Luis Handyman & Roofing can help you with this. If you need our services in Oxnard, CA, you should call us at (805) 987-1007 right away.