What Are the Dangers of DIY Asphalt Shingles Installation?

Avoid Costly Risks

DIY asphalt shingles installation is appealing to homeowners because it saves money, however, it isn’t as easy as it seems. If you’ve ever wondered why professional contractors are paid good money to do the job, then keep reading. There are a few things you as a homeowner would want to avoid, not only because they’re costly but because they can also end badly. Before attempting a do-it-yourself installation of asphalt shingles, consider the following.

Avoid Inexperienced Contractors

If you hire a company, there’s a high chance that you’ll end up dealing with their subcontractors, such as the asphalt shingles installer. These contractors are not all created equal, with some being more experienced and capable than others. In doing so, you face the risk of producing an inferior product, which could end up costing you more money in the long run. To avoid these issues, it’s ideal to hire a reliable contractor that has experience working in your specific area, or a contractor that has a high knowledge of the local climate. The more you can learn about the subcontractors a contractor has worked for them, the better.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

While hiring the best asphalt shingles installer isn’t the most important thing to worry about, it’s still important to think about. Issues can come with inexperienced contractors, from the wrong materials to completely wrong installation. Issues happen during the project that will lead to additional expenses, not to mention additional stress and hassle. Issues can have consequences that can’t be undone unless you want to start from the beginning. Hire a contractor who will make sure you don’t make costly mistakes with your new shingles.

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